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Chris Orta Web Development is your creative marketing team.  We design and develop innovative marketing solutions.  Our graphic design team can handle any size project, from vehicle wraps, to web development.  Our development team can create any technical solution, from high performance websites, mobile applications, to digital signage.  We have video and photography teams available to create impactful, results oriented messages, delivered directly to your clients through your website, social media channels, digital signage and much, much more.  We want to work with you.  We are your marketing team.  Let’s get started.



Work designed and delivered by industry veterans.  We take great pride in our ability to deliver quality work.



Providing you with a top quality solution, means bringing to the table a team of qualified professionals that deliver on their promises.



You dream it, we build it.  We love to take your visions and bring them to life.



We take great pleasure in hearing our solutions have aided your success.


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A Team That Delivers, Solutions That Work.

One company, 1000 solutions.  Here is a brief list of the services we can offer to you.  Connect with us today to learn more about our innovative strategies.

Websites development

Quality, results oriented web design and development.

Digital marketing

Get traffic, get results, get to work.  From SEO to Social Media, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile apps

Engaging, intuitive mobile application development.


Ka-ching! Start making money online by creating an online store built around your business.

Brand management

Consistency is king.  We ensure your brand is properly represented across all media platforms.


Private, hands on hosting, means you are taken care of.  Guaranteed up time and security is our goal.

Digital Signage

Directly market to those in the room.  Create your digital signage campaign with OC Digitals.

Special Branding and Website Package

Take advantage of a limited time offer for start to finish branding and web services.

Professional Video and Photography Services

Need Video? Need Photography? We've got the guys!

A Gift For You

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and follow my business.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide the knowledge and tools I have developed over the years.  In an effort to show you my appreciation over the holiday season, I am providing you with a small gift.  Please go to http://hosting.chrisorta.com…

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Holiday Lulls

Let’s face it, unless your business is a retail store, selling the latest and greatest for the holiday season, your business has likely slowed down over this period.  It is amazing to me, that people will take three months off, for three days of the year.  Don’t be these people.  Take action, setup campaigns, and […]

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Engagement Over Traffic

I have built websites that can drive a ton of traffic to their landing pages.  I have also built websites that generate very little traffic.  The same website that generates excessive amounts of traffic could have the same to less engagement as the site that generates very little traffic?  Why is this? Today I want […]

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Thematic Posting?

You ever get stuck trying to figure out what to blog or post about?  I use the term thematic posting.  Basically, theme it out.  There are seven days to a week.  I’m sure you’ve seen online the “Throw Back Thursday” or “Flex Friday”.  These are theme days for posting.  Be it you’re writing full blown […]

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What you see is what you get…  That is what WYSIWYG stands for, and anyone using a WordPress or CMS (Content Management System) is likely using some form of this to update their content on their website.  So, what the hell is it??? Website’s have gotten easier to manage over the years, and the WYSIWYG […]

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Getting online and marketing

Getting online and marketing yourself properly via the web, can be difficult if not overwhelming.  What are the first step you should take?  How much content do you start with?  What should the design, look and feel be?  These questions are the result of one good idea, the idea that you should build a web […]

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