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Chris Orta Web Development is your creative marketing team.  We design and develop innovative marketing solutions. Our development team can create any technical solution, from high performance websites, mobile applications, to digital signage.  We have graphic design, video and photography teams available to create impactful, results oriented messages, delivered directly to your clients through your website, social media channels, digital signage and much, much more.  We want to work with you.  We are your marketing team.  Let’s get started.


Chris is my go-to web guru

Chris and I have worked together on Web Development Applications and Services for almost 10 years now. I can whole heartedly say that Chris is my go-to web guru that I implicitly trust to communicate and develop my clients wildest dreams. The expertise and determination he brings to a project, big or small, builds value and the “of course we can do that” attitude I appreciate in a team member. With Chris, you know the project will be managed correctly, developed to spec and at a level of user experience/quality clients and designers alike strive for in this day and age of forward-thinking internet platforms and services.

Jesse Hopkins

From one developer to another

Chris is the guy you want to have on your team in any negotiation or sales pitch to a client. He can explain complex technicalities in simple terms to people from other realms. He is thorough in what he does and never misses a details. Being a software developer my self I really admire his problem solving techniques and the way he tackles issue as they come along the way.

Nasser Halabi

Amazing Web Developer

Amazing web developer! 🖥 Will take your website from dream to reality!

Raul Gonzalez

A website for the dogs

Chris helped me with the re branding of my website and worked very closely with myself, my Creative Director and Copywriter. He was instrumental in not only building my website but had many innovated ideas that my creative team hadn’t thought to make. He is very easy going and talented. He definitely knows how to get you to where you want to be especially if you don’t have a clue as to how to get there. I strongly recommend Chris to anyone and everyone!

Suzi West

Chris is far more than just a coding geek

Chris Orta and I have worked together on a number of projects, and I have come to appreciate what a rare professional he is. Chris is a web development expert who thrives on tackling the most complex coding challenges. Sure, he can handle a “basic” website when that’s all the client needs. But if you want a bunch of bells and whistles that the other web guys say can’t be done, Chris is the one to call. However, Chris is far more than just a coding geek. He’s also a skilled marketing professional who understands what it takes to create a website that actually sells. And on top of all this, he’s a pleasure to work with. What more can you ask for?

Linda Coss

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A Team That Delivers, Solutions That Work.

One company, 1000 solutions.  Here is a brief list of the services we can offer to you.  Connect with us today to learn more about our innovative strategies.

Websites Development

Quality, results oriented web design and development.

Digital Marketing

Get traffic, get results, get to work.  From SEO to Social Media, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Apps

Engaging, intuitive mobile application development.


Ka-ching! Start making money online by creating an online store built around your business.

Brand Management

Consistency is king.  We ensure your brand is properly represented across all media platforms.


Private, hands on hosting, means you are taken care of.  Guaranteed up time and security is our goal.

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