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Content Strategy and Execution

Content Strategy is described as the process of developing consistent and clearly defined marketing collateral that viewers automatically understand, relate too and are recognize on a regular basis.  If you consider the brands you know and love, one thing is true about them all.  Big brands are top of mind, always visible and easy to

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Holiday Lulls

Let’s face it, unless your business is a retail store, selling the latest and greatest for the holiday season, your business has likely slowed down over this period.  It is amazing to me, that people will take three months off, for three days of the year.  Don’t be these people.  Take action, setup campaigns, and

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Web Designer, Web Developer, What’s The Difference?

I’m often asked this question.  “So you’re a web designer?”… Not exactly.  I am a developer.  As Chris Orta Web Development, I am a marketing team.  I have resources that help me in accomplishing any task that’s tossed my way.  So design?  Sure, I can design your website, I’ve got a team for that.  Really,

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