WordPress Media Library

The WordPress Media Manager is a relatively simple tool.  Much like its name describes, it manages your media.  The confusion that most have with the media manager, is what it doesn’t do.  The media manager does not organize your images and files.  It does not allow you to create relationships with other media with tagging

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Using The WordPress Editor (1)

The WordPress Editor can be a little tricky.  Especially if you’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress which utilizes Gutenberg.  Gutenberg is a fantastic editor, but it is very new and the general majority of WordPress users are just starting to get used to it.  For sake of keeping things current, this tutorial will

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Installing WordPress

Setting up a WordPress Website – Manually This tutorial assumes you have a general understanding of your hosting environment, database setup and file manager.  If you’re unsure as to what those are, you may need another tutorial (will add soon). The most common control panel out there is cPanel.  I will be providing this tutorial

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