Engagement Over Traffic

I have built websites that can drive a ton of traffic to their landing pages.  I have also built websites that generate very little traffic.  The same website that generates excessive amounts of traffic could have the same to less engagement as the site that generates very little traffic?  Why is this? Today I want […]

Thematic Posting?

You ever get stuck trying to figure out what to blog or post about?  I use the term thematic posting.  Basically, theme it out.  There are seven days to a week.  I’m sure you’ve seen online the “Throw Back Thursday” or “Flex Friday”.  These are theme days for posting.  Be it you’re writing full blown […]

Getting online and marketing

Getting online and marketing yourself properly via the web, can be difficult if not overwhelming.  What are the first step you should take?  How much content do you start with?  What should the design, look and feel be?  These questions are the result of one good idea, the idea that you should build a web […]