Content Strategy and Execution

Content Strategy is described as the process of developing consistent and clearly defined marketing collateral that viewers automatically understand, relate too and are recognize on a regular basis.  If you consider the brands you know and love, one thing is true about them all.  Big brands are top of mind, always visible and easy to understand.  You can provide a similar level of impact that fits your audience.

How does it work?

Delivering a successful marketing campaign using content strategy requires a few core fundamentals.

First, focus on your vision and mission.  What does your brand represent, how have you successfully marketed to prospect in the past?  What do your clients want most from you.  Do the artwork and graphics being used in your marketing collateral properly inherit your brand guidelines.  Are these materials consistent across all mediums?  Do you know what the response rate is on each marketing campaign?  The answers to these questions help define the next step.

Second, develop a message and target audience that will receive this message on several mediums, several times over the course of a set period.  As you begin to distribute your content, ensure the brand guidelines and messaging are consistent and direct.  The right message with the right “ask” can lead to the right result.

Third, you will review the corresponding results to the campaign over its lifetime.  Which materials had the most impact, what platforms provided the best results, what traffic was converted to a closed deal?  The answers to these questions will dictate the next.  You will revise your campaigns to optimize the ROI potential.  Each element of your content strategy should be measured and reviewed.  A set timeline of deliverables and budget, with a track record of successes and failures will ultimately determine what is the most lucrative form of marketing for your business.

As most companies will work with their internal marketing department for these strategies and execution, it is often we see companies reach out to marketing agencies that specialize in the delivery of these campaigns.  Content strategy is an art form that requires serious analysis and understanding of varying markets and mediums both on and offline.  Are you prepared?  Contact me today to discuss how we can put your business in the eyes of your consumers.  With the right team on your side, the right business will come.