Engagement Over Traffic

I have built websites that can drive a ton of traffic to their landing pages.  I have also built websites that generate very little traffic.  The same website that generates excessive amounts of traffic could have the same to less engagement as the site that generates very little traffic?  Why is this?

Today I want to talk about “Results Oriented Websites”.  It’s one thing to receive traffic, it’s another to get that traffic to follow through with a result.  Having the correct elements in place to turn that visitor into a prospect or consumer is exactly why they are there.  So spend some time to read through this post, and review your site.

  • What is the first thing people see when they visit your site?

Is it a page full of text, a video, a large image?  What does it matter?  The first thing your viewer should see is a call to action, and your contact information.  Your website is a marketing tool, created to generate prospects and clients.

  • Are you answering their questions?

Typically, when someone finds your website through a search engine, they are looking to have a question answered.  Do you answer this questions, provide that service, sell that product?  If you’re business has a library of solutions/answers, you may want to work on trimming your main landing pages to answer these questions.

  • How does your site look across devices?

By now, we all know are websites need to be mobile friendly.  Google has even changed the way they provide results based off a website being mobile friendly or not.  So first things first, get mobile friendly.  Then focus on what the viewer sees.  Considering the varying degrees of screen sizes, you have the opportunity to show and hide content specific to the device the viewer is using.  When on a small phone, for example, you may want to make your contact information front row center, so they can simply call you, rather than read and scroll, and read and scroll some more.  Utilizing the screen size and what content is displayed is another very important factor when it comes to generating engagement and getting results.

Want to know more about how to take these suggestions into action?  I’m always happy to help.  Reach out!