Getting online and marketing

Getting online and marketing yourself properly via the web, can be difficult if not overwhelming.  What are the first step you should take?  How much content do you start with?  What should the design, look and feel be?  These questions are the result of one good idea, the idea that you should build a web presence.  So where do you start?

Start with a pen and paper, or open up a word doc, and start writing.  Often, we just need to get the pen to paper to begin.  Start writing out your site is intended to do.  Are you selling something?  Are you educating?  Are you asking for something?  Whatever the case may be, start with what you want.  Then build out on how you get it.  It may be rough, and not 100% clear, but start with writing it out.

Here is a great article I found.  30 Tips For Building Your First Website

The article does a great job of referencing some key points you need to consider when putting together your first website.

Having a web developer build a website for you is ideal, and you should always consider at least reaching out to one, before you start a project.  I offer up tips and resources to people all the time.  Regardless of building a website or solution for you, I want you to at least be informed before making any final decisions.  If you have questions, reach out!