Holiday Lulls

Let’s face it, unless your business is a retail store, selling the latest and greatest for the holiday season, your business has likely slowed down over this period.  It is amazing to me, that people will take three months off, for three days of the year.  Don’t be these people.  Take action, setup campaigns, and plan for the holiday’s accordingly.  Weather your business is service or product oriented, the holidays are an excellent time to market.  Generating engagement through care and direct communications is key.  Using direct mail, in office visits, and a phone call to wish someone a happy holiday, is that personal touch that we all feel and remember.  Make it a point this year to utilize the tools you have online to take advantage of this time of year.  If you’re not using tools online to help you do this, here are a few I highly recommend!

Mail Chimp
SendOut Cards
Facebook (Instant Messenger)
JibJab (Fun Videos to Share with your pictures)