Installing WordPress

Setting up a WordPress Website – Manually

This tutorial assumes you have a general understanding of your hosting environment, database setup and file manager.  If you’re unsure as to what those are, you may need another tutorial (will add soon).

The most common control panel out there is cPanel.  I will be providing this tutorial based off the configuration settings it provides.  However, most host operate in the same function.  The process is the same, but the tools may be located in other areas.

Step 1)

Download WordPress (latest version download here).

Save the download to your computer.

Step 2)

Login to your hosting account and go to your control panel.

Locate the “File Manager”

In your websites root directory (“public_html” by default) upload the WordPress zip file you downloaded.

Once uploaded, right mouse click the file in the file manager, and select extract.  By default, WordPress will extract all files to the “wordpress” folder.  Simply navigate to the inside of this folder, select all contents, and move back to your root directory.

Once this has been extracted, you are ready to connect your database.

Step 3)

Navigate back to your control panel home and locate the “MySQL Database Wizard”

Follow the steps to create the database.  Make the database name unique.  Something like “mysitev1”. Click “next”.

Next create a database User and Password.  I recommend using the password generator for a higher level of security.  Click “Create User”.

The next screen is for the Database user privileges.  Check the box “All Privileges” to grant full access for this user.  This will allow the database user to manage ALL database functions for your website.

Click “Next Step”.

Step 4)

Now that your database is created and your files have been uploaded, navigate to your websites URL from the browser.

You should see a WordPress installation screen.  The installation screen will ask for basic information about the site, as well as the database configuration settings we just created.

Create your WordPress admin account using your user ID, main administrative email and password of your choice.

Your host will be “localhost” (for most hosting plans.)

The database user name you created.

The password you created.

Then click next.

Step 5)

A confirmation message will prompt, detailing your setup is complete.  Navigate to the WordPress admin screen and use the credentials you created.


Once logged in, you can begin using your WordPress website.