My adventures in WordPress Theme Development

In the past few years my approach towards the development of client websites has shifted.  Previously, my approach would focus around a completely custom build that provides my client with EXACTLY the tools and visuals they need to successfully market their brand online.  While this is still the approach, the build process has evolved in a way that allows me to take the best from previous projects and incorporate them into the new.

Here’s what I mean.  I have at least 200 different websites, that have been built 200 different ways.  Within those websites, there are a standard set of rules, functionality and redundant creations that I’ve modified or polished over time.

At the beginning of 2018, I embarked on creating a solution for myself, that would allow me to develop websites more efficiently, allowing me to focus on the specifics of each individual client request.  This led to some very interesting discoveries around WordPress Theme Development.  I have always developed around WordPress and have created several custom templates.  Unfortunately, they were never very feature rich, or allowed for much customization or modification on my client’s end.

The task was to create something that I could reuse for my WordPress projects that would allow for faster execution, more consistent build quality as well as the ability for the end user or client to make their own changes with little to know programming knowledge.

The adventure was exciting.  With some trial and error, and coding in areas of the WordPress system that I was less than familiar with, I built something truly special.  I have created a platform that allows my clients to customize their site as much or as little as they please.   From custom page templates, to completely re-configuring the entire layout of the website, they have options.  The features and functionality of the template are completely by request.  If such features are not required, they do not need to be there.  However, if there is a specific feature that needs to be part of your website, isn’t it nice to have that flexibility?

To learn more about this creation, or to receive a live demo of how it works, reach out to me today!