Seasonal Website Promotion

The holidays are always an interesting time in my industry.  Most companies are planning their first quarter budgets and marketing strategies for the upcoming year.  Some smaller businesses take this time to work on local promotions and holiday specials to generate business.  In other cases, there are businesses that simply plan for the slow down and enjoy the holidays and free time they have to spend with family and friends.

I like to take this time to reach out to my networks and help them get a fresh start to the new year.  We talk about goals for 2020, what their advertising will look like, how they plan to grow, and most importantly (for me), what that looks like online!

I offer a reduced rate for services during the holidays.  My pricing is justified by the slow down my industry sees during this time.  This is done by creating simple, practical websites that will help kick start those plans for the 2020 goals.

If you or your colleagues are planning to make an impact online for 2020, contact me before November 30th 2019, to discuss how you can get a great deal on your next website.

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