Web Designer, Web Developer, What’s The Difference?

I’m often asked this question.  “So you’re a web designer?”… Not exactly.  I am a developer.  As Chris Orta Web Development, I am a marketing team.  I have resources that help me in accomplishing any task that’s tossed my way.  So design?  Sure, I can design your website, I’ve got a team for that.  Really, I am a programmer.  My job is to create solutions to problems using web programming.  The difference, is I do not design, that is to say, graphically create anything for you.  I will take designs provided to me, by my designers or the client, and turn the designs into functional code through the use of web programming.  The major difference between a web designer and web developer is this;  You do not see much of what a web developer does.  You see the design of a site, or the content within it’s pages.  You do not see the systems and process created to make the design come to life.  All the things you don’t see, are what the developer does.

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