What should I build my website with?

Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, WordPress; These are all common solutions when it comes to building a website.  What makes one better than the other, and which is best for you?

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new website, or currently are, it’s likely you’ve looked into the above-mentioned options.  Each of these options have there pros and cons, but knowing which is the right option for your website can be tricky.

The first three services mentioned, are subscription based web services.  They require you paying a monthly fee for both the hosting services as well as the website building tool.  The tools provided in each of these services vary but do allow for the most novice content creators to easily and affordably create a website.  The biggest draw back to these services are the inability to scale your business over time.  Typically, a website changes over time as a business grows.  The website will become less of a business informative site and evolve into a service.  This could be converting the site to an online store, creating a business or service directory, integrating with third party platforms to deliver dynamic content, or creating a customer portal for clients.  Whatever the evolution may be, you’ll want to have a platform that scales.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve spent a lot of time customizing websites of all sizes.  From the small mom-and-pop diner, to massive supply chain distribution hubs.  Each requiring its own unique features and functionality.  My go too platform has been WordPress.  An easy to use, fun to learn CMS (Content Management System), that allows for 100% customization.  WordPress is an Open Source system.  This means there are developers all over the world that have created solutions that make the software feature rich as well as scalable for whatever the client needs will be.  As the foundation software for most my websites, I build with the intent to grow the site with the client’s growth.

If you’re curious to know all the benefits of using the WordPress CMS, reach out.  I’d be happy to walk  you through the options that may  best suit your business needs.