WordPress Media Library

The WordPress Media Manager is a relatively simple tool.  Much like its name describes, it manages your media.  The confusion that most have with the media manager, is what it doesn’t do.  The media manager does not organize your images and files.  It does not allow you to create relationships with other media with tagging or categories.  It is simply there to hold everything you upload to your site.

In this tutorial, I will give a brief walk through of how to upload, delete and manage your media with the WordPress Media Manager.

Step 1)

Once logged into your WordPress dashboard, go to the Media Manager by clicking “Media” in the dashboard menu options.

There you will be taken to the default screen that shows all your media in a simple to view gallery list grid.

To upload an image, simply click the “Add New” button near the top left next to the title “Media Library”.

There are two ways to add media to this area.   You can drag and drop your files directly into the window, which will then bulk upload all the files you’ve submitted.  Alternatively, you can select the “Select Files” button which will open your explorer window to browse for the file(s) you wish to upload.

Step 2)

Once your files are uploaded, you can then add them to any page, post, widget etc., as they will be stored in the Media Manager.  Navigate to a page, select “Add Media” as a block or option within a widget, and find your uploaded media.

Removing media is very simply. Within the Media Manager, click the image you wish to delete. On the far right of the screen, there will be red text below the image details stating “Delete permanently?”. Selecting this will remove the file from the Media Manager.

Quick Tip:

The Media Manager is great and can be very easy to use IF you label your files correctly.   Upon upload, make sure to write a unique title for the Image you’ve upload.  This way, you can use the search functionality within the Media Manager to find your images quickly.