What you see is what you get…  That is what WYSIWYG stands for, and anyone using a WordPress or CMS (Content Management System) is likely using some form of this to update their content on their website.  So, what the hell is it???

Website’s have gotten easier to manage over the years, and the WYSIWYG is a big reason for it.  Rather than having to use HTML to format and manipulate the content of your web page, the WYSIWYG is used to bridge the gap between writing code, and just writing.  Simply put, it allows you to update your website without any technical skill or knowledge of code.  If you can send an email, you can update your website.

So, what does this thing look like?

Here we see the simplicity of the editor.  Bold, Italics, Text alignment.  Not all WYSIWYG are created equal.  Some have added features and functionalities that allow for more robust editing.  The result is the same though, what you put in the content box, is what is shown on your website.  So get to editing!  Manage your content!

Not sure where to start?  That’s ok, I can get you there.  Contact me to find out about my basic website training services.